Why WoofDrive

Why WoofDriveI love dogs in case you didn’t notice!! My dogs encourage me to explore and appreciate nature. Quite frankly, they give me a reason to get outside. When I am outside I love the sights, sounds and beauty of mother nature, and the calming effects it has on me. I have actually sharpened my senses and become much more aware of my surroundings with the time I have been immersed in nature with my dogs. In a world where the internet and video games are so potent, our time and our children’s time can get so caught in a vacuum and therefore neglect the outdoors. A dog can change that whole addiction.

I think, it’s human nature to be programmed with a parental sense. That sense actually appreciates and promotes happiness that we can provide or give to other living creatures. I witness this everyday, obviously from people that have children most prevalently, but also with animal lovers. I think this is one of the attractions to having pets in general. I am most fulfilled when my dogs, and other pets, are happy and well taken care of. That is how I got involved with this interactive dog lifestyle!! I am an energetic hyper person. I wanted to get a breed of dog that most fittingly matched my temperament and personality. That is why I have Huskies!!

The Husky breed is an outdoor, high energy dog. My dogs have motivated me and excited me to take them out to do what they LOVE: Run!! Obviously there are a lot of breeds of dogs, but all of them require some sort of exercise. That is what interactive dog activities are all about!!

I am just spreading my happiness. Hopefully sharing my knowledge may motivate or help inspire you to get involved.  The effects can be profound.  I am a longtime Martial Artist and have discovered a lot about life that I had no idea could occur from my involvement with it. Dogs are so similar. There is so much we can learn from them and enrich our lives from their influence.

In this section I am going to explain and mention some of the most valuable insights I have learned from dogs, you may relate to my enlightenment!! Please feel free to contact me with any of your realizations, lessons, or just pure fun your dogs have provided for you I would love to hear about them and hopefully post them for everyone to share!!


Why WoofDriveConfidence is something that is achieved. We gain it as we are successful at each task we engage in. Having a dog and providing him or her with a good quality of life is empowering. Our parental instinct is harmonized from this process. Training and achieving desired results from your dog teaches us humans we can communicate our intentions without speaking!! A dog doesn’t understand a language until you teach him word by word. Your teachings have to start with gestures and limited vocals. The training success can instill confidence in our ability. As well as knowing you are your dog’s caretaker and you provide him with everything he needs to survive. Your reward is his love, devotion, and loyalty!! When you take this up a notch and get on an exercise program with your dog, the benefits will be magnified.


Why WoofDriveExploration is pure excitement. Exploring life and our surroundings can truly be life altering, just by being outdoors and seeing everyday life, from birds, trees, to rivers, valleys, and streams. There is so much to see. Unfortunately we all can get caught up in the everyday busy hustle bustle world we live in. All to often we don’t take the time to explore. A dog needs to explore to satisfy his urge. In fact that is what they live for. Before they were domesticated, they had to explore to find their food, shelter, and a mate. In our modern day world, our dog can actually encourage us to explore.


TeamsCombinedTeamwork is about working together. It will strengthen relationships and really exemplify coexistence amongst us. Most dogs have a hierarchy in a household with another dog. This is similar to an undomesticated dog or a Wolf Pack. They work and function together in the wild to catch prey and defend their territory. On a sled dog team, the dogs all work together to run in one direction at an optimal pace. Even with one person  and a single dog, that is a team. There needs to be a hierarchy and you need to establish yourself as the alpha. This is especially true with dominant and stubborn breeds like the Siberian Husky. Now you may understand why I know this so well!! I have been trained by my Huskies!!

Your dog(s) and you should mesh into a team. This will strengthen your relationship and also help curb unwanted behavior. These interactive dog activities are actually all about team building. Physical activities with each other is the best way to accomplish the teamwork unity that is so instrumental in a human dog relationship.

Self Discovery

??????????????????????????????????????Self Discovery may sound kind of funny when we are talking dogs. Actually it is rather remarkable. Because animals have no real speaking abilities, we must learn to read them.  We have to read their eyes, body motions, sounds, and overall behavior. This interpretation and awareness will help our ability to understand ourselves. We also have to find ways to communicate our intentions and expectations, we search our minds for the best way to achieve these goals. When you do an interactive dog activity, you will become your dogs coach.This is a tough coaching job because you will be managing his physical engagement.   Our awareness and attention to him will make your senses more aware and alert. These are the ingredients for our own self awareness!!


???????????????????????????????????????Excitement is something we all need. It is a feeling that we get that is a jolt of energy and really appeals to our senses. It can motivate us and inspire our passion. Some of these interactive dog activities can provide that rush of excitement!! Speed is exciting and can be experienced in a dog cart or bicycle with your dog. Adventure can evoke excitement and be experienced on a hiking route with your dog. Running with a dog attached can be pure excitement, your surge of energy matches your dogs intensity!! Your physical condition doesn’t have to be in top shape for excitement. You can experience excitement on a walk with your dog on a beautiful day, with a gentle breeze blowing.  Excitement is very personal but can always to be shared with your dog.


???????????????????????????????????????A purpose, or the seeking of goals, are necessary to balance our life.  Dogs can give us purpose and broaden our horizons.  Through interactive dog activities, we are also providing a purpose for our dog. Dogs need to feel a purpose, too.  It stimulates their senses, satisfies there energy requirements, and discourages unwanted behavior.  The purpose created by interactive dog activities promote a healthy enticement to get fit, explore, and share your time with a dog that can give you and him so much reward!!


???????????????????????????????????????The ability to appreciate is a wonderful trait. It can help us define our lives and inspire us to learn and respect.  In order to appreciate we must understand about life, commitment, and dedication.  Dogs have unconditional love and appreciation for almost anyone that appreciates them.  This is a simple concept that, once learned, can make our lives incredible.


http://www.dreamstime.com/-image16883892Fitness is an essential part of our lives. We almost all need some sort of physical activity to increase or maintain our quality of life.  Physical activities can release our endorphins, keep our joints and mobility fluid, and exercise our lungs and heart.  Dogs have very similar conditioning requirements as us humans. In our lives there is so many distractions– computers, television, work– which can distract us from physical conditioning.  Dogs rely on their exercise for almost all their stimulation. It is really essential to all of us.  A great way to get your exercise is with your dog. He can be a reliable partner that can motivate and encourage you to get out there and do it.  That is what this website is all about.


???????????????????????????????????????Inspiration commands our attention and awakens our desires. It can provide motivation, but the path is sometimes obscure. Sometimes we can divert off course. A partner or mentor is a great way pursue an inspiration. With the proper guidance and motivation, our focus can be brought back to achieve a goal. Dogs are inspired everyday, when they pick up on a scent, see another dog, or feel the love from their human companion.  They become inspired and you see the excitement all over them.  A dog is persistent and focused on his goals.  We can be inspired by this energy and ride it, to keep our fire yearning and burning!!