Who Can WoofDrive


Get The Kids Involved!!

Who can try Interactive Dog SportsMost children today are spending their free time on the computer with the internet and video games. They need to get outdoors and breathe the fresh air!! A dog can be such a wonderful place to start. Responsibility and dog care are very manageable.  It’s great to get kids started at any age.

I know a lot of you already have a dog and children. If you do, are you letting the kids bear some of the responsibility? These Dog interactive Activities may be able to help. They can motivate the kids to get rolling and find their potential. Using the FREE application here called WooFTrax they can track their progress and get excited about getting so many miles in walking the dog weekly. They can share and challenge their friends to compete with them to see who goes more miles!! They can also advance to possibly jogging or hiking with the dog attached to their waist!! In addition they can prepare for when they are a little older to Bicycle or maybe Ski with their best dog friend!!

The sky is truly the limit here. This is a win win situation for all involved!! I hope you can introduce this great dog fun to your children!! Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments, or questions!!

Teenagers Can Do It!!!

Most teenagers are most definitely into the internet and other indoor related activities!! Let’s get’em outdoors to see the green grass, snow, birds, and all of mother natures beauty!!

I have a teenager here with me!  My loving niece Rayna lives here with my wife and I. You may notice her here on the website in some of the photos  I know first hand about what kids today want to do. When I was a kid we didn’t have any internet, and video games had just came on the market. Who could forget ATARI!! Well my activities were outdoor. Sports related and of course I was an animal lover. I would love to see the kids today move away from the computer for some of their time and get on the bicycle and take a spin. Maybe get into the Dog cart and roll around the neighborhood.

A dog can be a companion for a teenager, motivate them and give them another reason to be active.  The WooFTrax application can help make it somewhat of a game or competitive fun, by logging the results and stats of the activity. Again please contact me with any thoughts, questions, or concerns. I would love to hear from you!!

Adults will Energize with these Activities!!

Adults Will Embrace It

As adults, most of us have busy days. I think all too often we miss out on leisure time, and even can neglect our bodies by not getting in enough physical fitness. They say its most important to keep the commitments with yourself. Well, that can be the hardest. It seems we can say we want to do something for ourselves with all good intentions, but our hectic schedule hijacks our day and we can easily lose focus!!

Having a dog will mean you have to keep your commitment because he or she is depending on you. No longer will you be able to tell yourself you will do it tomorrow!! And that unconditional love your dog gives you is incredible!!  Oh what a feeling!! Well how cool would it be to incorporate your dog into a physical fitness agenda that you will both rely on each other for!!

This is it. Find your activity or activities and climb aboard. Most of these interactive dog activities can easily be done with your pet. He can now be your training companion!! With my WooFTrax App you can set goals, track yourself, and most importantly encourage yourself to do it.  There are so many cool activities you can do, please feel free to contact me with any questions , concerns, or comments.  I look forward to seeing you out there. Happy trails!!


Seniors Appreciate It!

Who can try Interactive Dog Sports
It is said, and I know it’s true:  Dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs are used to assist people in many circumstances. From law enforcement, to service dogs for people with disabilities. Dogs are intelligent, trainable, and loving companions.

As we age, exercise and mobility is important. A dog can give us that reason to take a walk or go outside. I think a dog can play a vital role for the motivation and companionship in anybody, but I think elders will and do especially appreciate dogs.

With our WooFTrax App, a senior will be able to track his fitness and activity to make sure he or she is meeting their fitness goals. Their best friend will help them through their exercise goals and accompany them with their loving happy ways. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments, or questions. I would love to hear from you!!



Who can try Interactive Dog Sports

A Family dog is usually a shared responsibility for everyone!! Its about everyone loving the dog. The dog may accompany the family on outings. In fact, a lot of families will find they are planning activities around the dog! They plan interactive activities like I am talking about on this website. Maybe a hike with the family in the park, or a sled ride down the snow covered field. As I have said and showed before, you don’t need a real sled to sled with the dog. Small children can easily be pulled by the dog and a little help from mom or dad!!

The WooFTrax App which is FREE, can help track some of the activities your family does with the dog!!  It is especially helpful to keep track of the dog walks. The smartphone interface will attract the kids to use it. Its friendly interface can be sort of a game to the kids where they can challenge mom, dad or each other on different accomplishments with the family dog!!  It can also be used to compare and track with their friend’s stats.  This can be fun stuff, and a healthy routine to acquire. As usual please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. I would love to hear from you!!

Couple Could Use It


Sometimes, just like everyone else, couples get preoccupied with all of our modern days world distractions. These distractions can be so intense. Sometimes they take so much of our time, they provide excuses from spending quality time with a special someone (of the human kind) in our life!! Well a dog may be the answer!! A dog is exciting, loveable, and fun, and the commitment a dog requires could be the bridge to help rekindle  and or strengthen a couples fire!!  These interactive dog activities can be eternal fun for a relationship especially, and will always keep it fresh!! The dog will motivate you and your special someone to get out there and explore, exercise, enjoy the nice weather.


All Dogs Want It!!!

Who can try Interactive Dog Sports

Dogs really need to exercise and they need to feel a Purpose!! These Interactive Dog Activities will provide these necessities!! Almost all dogs can participate in some sort of way. Obviously a dog walk is considered participating. What we are striving for here is enough of a walk to get the energy flowing and work your best friend out some!! One of my favorite times is when my dogs are satisfied. When they give you what I call a “Drooling Smile” you know they are happy!! The Interactive Dog Activities will make them “Drool” because of the energy release, purpose it provides, and because you or your family members are with them engaging!!