When to WoofDrive

When to WoofDriverFour Seasons Of Dog FUN!!
Now that you are learning, seeing, and understanding this Interactive Dog lifestyle, you are probably getting excited!!  Again this is so cool because as your dog helps motivate you to get outdoors.  There is almost a reason for every season to get out there and Do It!! There are activities that are more appropriate for certain times of year and weather conditions. The biggest concern this revolves around is to avoid overheating the dog. This can be fatal!! The following sections will offer some insight.

Wintertime FUN!!!


A dog is so great because it will encourage you to get out there in the winter. The temperatures which might normally keep you inside will invigorate a lot of breeds and you will feed off your dogs excitement!! Winter for us is usually a good time of year to work a lot of the northern breed dogs like huskies and malamutes.  They have a double coat of hair which keeps them warm even in the most extreme of temperatures!! Other dogs especially with no hair like the Chinese Crested or short hair dogs may need a jacket to keep them warm while in the colder weather!! The most demanding of these interactive dog activities would be appropriate for these cold conditions. Sledding, carting, and other strength and cardiovascular combinations are good.

Dogs Love Snow!!

Have you ever seen a dog in the Snow!?!?!?

Spring Time Fun!!!

When to WoofDrive

Spring can be  really comfortable for us humans but dogs are still gradually adjusting to the warmer temperatures spring brings!! Therefore don’t push them as hard as the winter temperatures. As weather permits take them out, but gradually slow them down.  You should still be able to do some early morning and late evening stronger exercises. Enjoy the season and shift the activities over, it will give you and your pup a change of pace and of course some beautiful scenery!!


Summertime, Go easy but have FUN!!!
Summer is usually the hottest temps and hardest to work the dogs!! Because almost all dogs don’t sweat (the Chinese Crested does sweat) they can overheat easy!! Even the short haired and the Chinese Crested are still very susceptible to overheating. Overheating can be fatal!! In fact, in the warmer months professional dog mushers and sled operators usually rest their dogs.  I always like to let my dogs get their energy release. If you take some appropriate measures you may be able to safely work your dog.  Hiking and walking are obviously good choices. Biking and jogging are possible during the cooler times of the day– early morning or late evening.  Shaded paths or trails are also a good choice in the warmer weather.  Always have plenty of fresh water on hand.  If you can allow your dogs to cool in a body of water along the way, like a stream or pond, that would be great!! Remember their distance and speed will be greatly compromised, so don’t over do it!! Even with a the proper cooling and watering, they are still very vulnerable to overheating.

Keep’em Cool



Fall Time gets them READY!!!!

With Fall, the weather is starting  to be cooler and the sun is setting earlier. The cooler temperatures will  allow you to gradually increase your dog(s) workouts. The weather will be getting crisper and the dogs will start to feel their energy!! Weather permitting, dog carting would be a good choice to practice now if you plan on doing any sledding with your dog in the snow!! Of course you can keep doing the activities you were doing in the summer but as the weather gets cooler your dog will want to do more, so gradually crank it up some!! Whatever you choose to do, get out there and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery this season brings!

Age Appropriate


These Interactive Dog Activities are great for dogs at all ages, but with some consideration.  It is always a good practice to consult your veterinarian before involving your dog in any physical activity. A check up may be in order, good advise is always appropriate from a trained animal health specialist. Puppies and dogs under 2 years are usually still growing. This means their growth plates are not touching.  Physically demanding activities like pulling could inhibit proper growth and development. Your veterinarian may be able to do an X-ray to see if they are finished growing. I try to wait until they are 2 years old before I introduce them to any real pulling exercises. This doesn’t mean you can’t exercise them. Exercise is necessary. like some running and good walks, just not to physically demanding.

Older dogs obviously are another concern. Again your veterinarian is a good place to ask for his or her opinion. I try to keep my older dogs as active as they can be.  I don’t want them to be sedentary. I certainly avoid over doing it, but I want them to maintain their level of fitness. If I work them with the younger dogs, then I always have a way of putting them in a bike I may be riding– I have a place I can safely secure them to so they can sit or lay down and be with us but not physically working. If I am on a walk and my older dog gets tired, I will cut the walk short. It is important for dogs not to over do it. They have a high pain tolerance and are very loyal, so they push themselves. I am very cognoscente of my dogs emotions and their health is always my first concern.