????????????????????????????????????????I love dogs in case you didn’t notice!! My dogs encourage me to explore and appreciate nature. Quite frankly, they give me a reason to get outside. When I am outside I love the sights, sounds and beauty of mother nature, and the calming effects it has on me. I have actually sharpened my senses and become much more aware of my surroundings with the time I have been immersed in nature with my dogs. In a world where the internet and video games are so potent, our time and our children’s time can get so caught in a vacuum and therefore neglect the outdoors. A dog can change that whole addiction.

I think, it’s human nature to be programmed with a parental sense. That sense actually appreciates and promotes happiness that we can provide or give to other living creatures. I witness this everyday, obviously from people that have children most prevalently, but also with animal lovers. I think this is one of the attractions to having pets in general. I am most fulfilled when my dogs, and other pets, are happy and well taken care of. That is how I got involved with this interactive dog lifestyle!! I am an energetic hyper person. I wanted to get a breed of dog that most fittingly matched my temperament and personality. That is why I have Huskies!!

The Husky breed is an outdoor, high energy dog. My dogs have motivated me and excited me to take them out to do what they LOVE: Run!! Obviously there are a lot of breeds of dogs, but all of them require some sort of exercise. That is what interactive dog activities are all about!!

I am just spreading my happiness. Hopefully sharing my knowledge may motivate or help inspire you to get involved.  The effects can be profound.  I am a longtime Martial Artist and have discovered a lot about life that I had no idea could occur from my involvement with it. Dogs are so similar. There is so much we can learn from them and enrich our lives from their influence.

In this section I am going to explain and mention some of the most valuable insights I have learned from dogs, you may relate to my enlightenment!! Please feel free to contact me with any of your realizations, lessons, or just pure fun your dogs have provided for you I would love to hear about them and hopefully post them for everyone to share!!

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