GroupOfDogsWebWho Can Get Involved?

Interactive Dog Sports are appropriate for almost anyone to get involved with. Humans as well as dogs need exercise. Why not do this together?  Almost all dog owners are doing it already.  A simple dog walk is exercise for both you and your dog.  With some of the equipment available now, you can crank it up a notch and make it more enjoyable and fun.  Everyone can benefit from the exercise,  appreciation of nature and bonding with an animal who can only communicate through their actions.


MomPullingKidCropWeb3Children can learn responsibility, as well as getting them out of the house for some physical exercise and FUN!!

TeenagerDogRunningCropped2Teenagers can also learn responsibility and benefit from getting out of the house for some physical fitness. They can motivate themselves and try to learn a more challenging interactive dog activity such as biking or hiking!! In addition with the WooFtrax App they will be excited to track their results!!


RearSlederCropWebAdults will love the fitness they can gain and the motivational partner they will have with their dog!! They can explore and be adventurous since they will have a steadfast partner capable of keeping up with them as their abilities and fitness progress!!


SeniorWithGreatDaneCropWebSeniors will be motivated to do something physically engaging with their dog and feel safe with the comfort their best friend can provide!! A quiet walk or maybe a ride in a dog cart can appeal to their senses and help maintain their quality of life!!

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