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MeGif3Hello, I am the WooFDriver!! I call myself the WooFDriver because it is my passion. I drive my dogs, either connected to me, or attached to a vehicle I am driving. I love dogs and have developed my own type of interactive dog lifestyle!! What I am doing is a culmination of dog related activities to better my dogs health, feed their passion, satisfy their desires, and harmonize my bond with Mother Nature. This lifestyle is so rewarding, each and everyday. I have found a way to excite my senses, balance my desires, and enjoy my life to the maximum!!

I have created this website to share the enlightenment I have discovered and maybe give everyone some ideas and inspirations to get involved. I am known to be a little extreme with my passion and involvement, you certainly don’t need to venture down that road. That is what this is about, to make it simple and therefore enjoyable to engage in Interactive Dog Activities!! I myself am not a professional dog musher, you don’t need that kind of time or commitment to get involved here!! You can read and further explore what I am doing on my other website at http://www.woofdriver.com/

This “How to WooFDrive” website is to simplify these dog activities and to offer you the FREE smartphone WooFTrax application. I actually developed this APP to track all my activities I do with my crew of dogs. I have been logging their activities for years, I love to see and savor the results of our adventures. I am not racing or competing with anyone.  I just  like to track our fun and compare our results!! The technology today makes it possible to track and log these activities in the palm of my hand.  That is so cool!! Please feel free to contact me, I welcome any feedback, questions, or comments. Thank you for checking this out!!

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