Walking with your Dog


A great way to build strength and coordination for you and an easy way to introduce your dog to pulling.  Since this is just walking with a leash, it provides the perfect opportunity to work with Dog-Powered Sports commands such as “Gee” (turn right) and “Easy” (slow down). You can easily get a “Hands Free” leash system, like Tanya is using in the picture. If you want to advance to more difficult routes, a  hands free system is perfect and you may even want to   consider using hiking poles (which are similar to skiing poles).

Your dog in front and pulling while walking downhill provides a more intense and challenging workout for you.  Walking uphill provides a greater challenge for your dog.  It is important that your dog understand his commands before attempting steep inclines.

Walking is a great spring and summer physical conditioning for you and your dog. Obviously pulling is not required for dog walking. If you want to advance to any other Dog Powered sports like skijouring or carting, pulling would obviously need to be encouraged!!


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