Walking Equipment


Walking with your dog can be as simple as a leash dog walk or you can purchase a couple of components and have a dog assisted kind of power walk!! To “add a little pep to your step”,  or a hands free dog walk or run experience this is what I suggest!!

Fleecepeople2This is what I call a people harness!! It is actually a belt that you attach your dogs to. It is wide and reinforced, to prevent a dog or dogs from breaking it. It is designed to be comfortable!! Some people harnesses have leg straps .  These are really secure, allowing  more dogs to hook up or for strong pulling dogs!!

1TugLineCropThis rope called a “tugline”. It attaches to a people harness like above. It has a quick release safety buckle. This allows for a one hand disconnect,  in case of a emergency type situation.  The other end of the tugline attaches to the dog. The tugline has a section of bungee.  This provides comfort and protection to you and your dog from sudden jerks. These lines are available in one or two dog styles.

CzarXBackBigYou should use a harness in any weight bearing situation!! Different harnesses are designed for different activities.  Pictured to the left is is my boy “Czar” outfitted in an X Back Harness.  X-Back harnesses are traditionally for dogsledding  They are appropriate any time the dog’s heavy load is directly behind, for some biking applications for instance.

czairintracking10bigI prefer a tracking style harness for most of the biking and walking activities. I like them because they offer protection and good weight distribution for these less weight bearing activities. They also don’t give the dog as much room to stray from side to side and therefore provide you with better control of the dog!!  Also, my dogs attach to the side of many of my carts. A tracking harness allows for more comfortable load distribution with these carts.

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