TeamsCombinedTeamwork is about working together. It will strengthen relationships and really exemplify coexistence amongst us. Most dogs have a hierarchy in a household with another dog. This is similar to an undomesticated dog or a Wolf Pack. They work and function together in the wild to catch prey and defend their territory. On a sled dog team, the dogs all work together to run in one direction at an optimal pace. Even with one person  and a single dog, that is a team. There needs to be a hierarchy and you need to establish yourself as the alpha. This is especially true with dominant and stubborn breeds like the Siberian Husky. Now you may understand why I know this so well!! I have been trained by my Huskies!!

Your dog(s) and you should mesh into a team. This will strengthen your relationship and also help curb unwanted behavior. These interactive dog activities are actually all about team building. Physical activities with each other is the best way to accomplish the teamwork unity that is so instrumental in a human dog relationship.

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