Sledding Equipment with your dog can have a lot of different meanings!!  The man in the picture to the left is “Kick Sledding”. This is almost like cross country.  You are on a lightweight sled that is designed to be pushed. It is similar to a dogsled.  It has runners (the skiing legs of the sled) that extend behind an upright handlebar shaped riser.  The difference between a dogsled and a kicksled is the kicksled is smaller and lighter.   It is not designed for sitting or carrying much gear.  Kick sledding is a sport independent of dogs. People have added their dog to it because it is relatively easy.  You can take a raft or childrens type sled and safely hook your dogs to for a FUN outing.  Get creative!


SledCroppedWebFirst you will  need some sort of snow apparatus like a sled. I think a kicksled is an exceptionally great choice!! The sled pictured to the left is not possible to ride and assist your dog because its runners don’t extend in the back, so there is no where to stand. This sled could be used to train the dog.  With the dog properly leashed, you could pull cargo or a child while you guide the dog .

2DogTuglineRefinedCrop2This is the rope, or “tugline”, that hooks to the sled and then attaches to the harness. This tugline has a rubber bungee to add additional comfort for the dog.

XBackRedRefined2This is a XBack harness. Again the harness is probably the most important piece of equipment you will use. It enables the weight load to be distributed the safest and most effective way for your dog. This protects his muscles and body by ensuring he is safely attached to pull the sled. XBack harness is  a favorite for sledding with your dog.

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