Skiing Equipment get involved with skiing with your dog you should have some cross country skiing experience!! The equipment you will need is the same equipment you use for other dog activities that attach the dog to your body directly such as walking, hiking, roller blading, etc…




This again is what I call a people harness. It is made to be worn as a belt and your dog or dogs attach to it. This harness is slightly different than the walking harness I have pictured on the walking equipment page. This one offers leg straps to make it stronger and a better choice for heavier pullers and multiple dogs.

2DogTuglineThis is a two dog tugline. It is capable of hooking two dogs up to it. It has a quick release latch that enables quick disconnection should an emergency situation arise. It also has a built in bungee to provide comfort to you and your dog.

XBackRedRefined2This is the XBack Harness. A good harness is so important for your dog. If properly fitted, it will protect the dog by helping to evenly distribute the weight load during pulling. The harness enables the dog to use the proper muscles and his body weight to do the pulling. There are a lot of different harnesses available depending on the sport and or application. The Xback Harness is frequently used for Skiing with your dog.  It is available in the WooFTrax store,

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