Photography Equipment

KentIslandMdMuch of my experience with my dogs is reliving the WooFventures for years after my outings. I get a smile on my face seeing my pack, over and over again, having fun. Often I miss things when we are out, and don’t catch it until I review the pictures. I have learned over the years that the right gear is the only way to go. Hi resolution captures captures details that cheaper equipment looses. And gear designed for the outdoors keeps working in the adverse conditions my pack leads me into, and stands up to the abuse it inevitably receives.

PentaxK30Photography Cameras are the easiest means of capturing memories. Todays technology has created a tremendous market of cameras that take fantastic pictures. They can stop the dog’s action mid stride and capture a perfect picture.  They can take panoramic pictures of the beautiful vista a trail leads you to. And the memory capacity available today allows you to take hundreds of pictures and cherry pick them at home. I have found that good lenses are critical to flexibility in taking shots. So pick one with a good zoom that lets you capture close ups of silly dog faces, and action shots from a distance. A weather sealed camera, like my Pentax K-30 pictured at left, is a good option too. If it gets wet while you are frolicing in a stream with your dog, it is not as much of an issue as a normal camera.

GoProNothing captures memories like a video camera. It creates a window that can be looked through for the rest of your life, allowing you to relive the experience like you are still there. I have various mountable cameras that I can mount to myself, bikes, carts, or even the dogs. There are many cameras that can stand up to the inevitable abuse, but the most popular by far is the GoPro camera, like the one pictured to the left. They take great video, have long battery life and rugged cases that can mount to just about anything. I sometimes have a half dozen going at once!


iMovieUltimately, once you take the pictures and video, you must do something with the results or it’s all for naught.  There are almost as many options in photo and video editing software as there are cameras!  Your computer and creative experience will determine how far you can to take the results of your photographic efforts.  Most computers today come with some sort of basic software built in.  I use Apple’s iMovie software more than anything else, it’s simple to use and powerful.  Adobe makes great products, too.  The most important part is once you pick the software, you should learning all it’s bells and whistles to make the most of your memories.  Then Share it by putting it out on the web!  Spread your joy.  I do!

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