PerspectiveShowA9400This is about seeing and experiencing life in a different perspective!! Your dog(s) can motivate you, and accompany you, while you venture to places you might not have considered going otherwise. Hiking and sightseeing adventures are wonderful exercises and appealing to our mind and our dog’s senses especially. This is an incredible experience, your bond to your dog and appreciation for nature may be heightened to a new level. All of the Interactive Dog Activities I am talking about on this website are dual purpose. They obviously provide fitness for you and your canine companion, but they also offer us the reason to be outside.  It appeals to our inner senses. This is so cool to realize. Taking in the beauty in nature is truly inspirational!! I have assembled this photo collage of some of the beauty you may experience in your dog outings. You can find some really cool photos including waterfalls, a rainbow, and beautiful mountains!! These photos all include a dog, and you can sometimes see the dog enjoying the view as well!! I make it a point to travel some with my dogs to catch a view of the beautiful scenery in different places. Hope you enjoy the show!!

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