Measuring Equipment

There are a multitude of ways to measure your activities.  Knowing how much distance you travel can be critical to you and your dogs health.  Plus it’s just fun to know what you have done and track your performance progess.  I have come a long way over the years!


Garmin-AlphaFor off leash activities I use a GPS collar.  There are a few options available, I prefer the Garmin Alpha collar.  It has a handheld remote so you can see their exact location at all times when free ranging.


Garmin-FortexFor Dog Powered Activities, a handheld or wrist GPS can be used.  A handheld tracks your personal travels, and if the dog is attached to you or a piece of equipment with you, then the dog is tracked too.  A wrist based GPS, like the Garmin Fortex (pictured right), can be on your wrist or could be attached to a collar.  In either case, when you get home, you can track and map your travels


rdar gunAnother fun tool to monitor a dog’s speed in the field is a radar gun.  It is beneficial in determining the dogs energy level, by objectively measuring their speed through out the days activity.  Pictured to left is the Bushnell that I use. Most simple units designed for baseball should work fine for dogs.


IphoneAPP2150pxMy favorite measuring device for Dog Powered Sports is the FREE App Walk for a Dog by WooFTrax that myself and a development team created.  It will calculate your walk, run, or just casual fun on your smartphone. You will then have a record and stats of your outings so you can compare, look back, set goals, and acknowledge progress.  If you have more than one dog you can keep track of each dog individually and yourself as well!!  But the most important thing it does is help Animal Shelters and Rescues Nationwide!!!  WooFTrax donates for every mile you track using the App.  See WooFTrax for more info.   So Please use this App, and help animals in need!

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