Families Will Love It


????????????????????????????????????????A Family dog is usually a shared responsibility for everyone!! Its about everyone loving the dog. The dog may accompany the family on outings. In fact, a lot of families will find they are planning activities around the dog! They plan interactive activities like I am talking about on this website. Maybe a hike with the family in the park, or a sled ride down the snow covered field. As I have said and showed before, you don’t need a real sled to sled with the dog. Small children can easily be pulled by the dog and a little help from mom or dad!!

The WooFTrax App which is FREE, can help track some of the activities your family does with the dog!!  It is especially helpful to keep track of the dog walks. The smartphone interface will attract the kids to use it. Its friendly interface can be sort of a game to the kids where they can challenge mom, dad or each other on different accomplishments with the family dog!!  It can also be used to compare and track with their friend’s stats.  This can be fun stuff, and a healthy routine to acquire. As usual please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. I would love to hear from you!!


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