Exercise Together

CoupleWalkingDogDog and People Interactive Healthy FUN!!

This is a detailed listing and description of the Interactive Dog and Human exercises we can do together.

This can really be a wonderful balanced lifestyle that your dog can motivate you to do. Again our WooFTrax APP for your smartphone can keep track of the stats and help you set goals and enjoy your progress.

There is no special training required for some of these exercises.  The more involved dog sports dog are not to hard to train. The easiest, which are the dog walks, are great exercise.  If you do choose to try the other more involved sports, your dog will have some training from the simple dog walks. They are all based on the dog walk principal!!

This video is a lite run with some of my older dogs. These interactive exercises are a great way to keep all of us in shape. It certainly is not about a race or not even a fast paced ride. Check out this video!!




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