Carting with your Dog


CartingBillRaynaA touring sport for you and a very intense, demanding strength exercise for your dog. This is an excellent activity for those who want to be less physical but still enjoy Dog-Powered Sports.

Using a cart such as the Sacco cart, you can ride seated while commanding your dog because the cart allows you to steer and brake. You will be in total control! To provide yourself a workout, stand on the back riding platform. This allows you to kick to assist your dog on inclines and to provide increased speed. You can even take along a seated passenger when using the riding platform.

The versatile Sacco cart is used for recreational fun as well as by professional mushers for sled dog training. Weighing only 63 lbs., the cart folds down for easy transportation. There are plenty of other carts on the market, but this is the one I have always used and seems to be the most versatile!!



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