Carting Equipment

BillOnTrike2Carting is one of the easiest to learn of the Dog Powered Sports, but can also be one of the most expensive. The highly specialized gear can include not only the cart, but various other systems like human or electrical supplemental power.

RaynaSaccoCropFor Carting you will need a cart, trike or quad bicycle designed or modified to attach your dogs. There are exclusively designed dog carts like the one pictured to the left. This is a Sacco Cart. This cart is used to train professional sled dogs. The dogs are held in by a bar that keeps them in one position, without allowing them to meander.  They must follow the direction you drive them in!!


towbars3The Sacco Cart’s dog tow bar is also spring loaded. This means the dog will carry very little weight on him just truly pulling weight instead of on top of him. The animated picture to the left illustrates the tow bar.  It raises and lowers to assist in attaching to the dog.  This also makes it more compact during transportation and storage.

SpringerJust about any steerable cart or recumbent bike can be easily modified for dogs.  All you need is a safe and strong attachment point.  The Springer, pictured to the left is an ideal solution.  This allows the dogs to run along side of the bike, yet still pull safely.  It is available from many sources, including the WooFTrax store linked in menu above.

czarinsaccoharness8As in other Dog Sports on this site you should use a harness for your dog. The Sacco cart has a special harness designed for it. The Cart hooks to the dog in 4 places. This is a nice feature for weight distribution as well as discouraging the dog from backing out of his harness. For other carts and recumbent bikes, the harness will be determined by how the dog attaches to the cart and by personal preference.  Many harnesses are available at the WooFTrax store, and other sources.

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