Biking with Your Dog


An excellent cardiovascular workout for both you and your canine companion. You can enjoy this activity with one or two dogs pacing themselves with the bicycle. Or go along for the ride while the dog provides the forward motion.

Our dogs “blast off” at 15 MPH and usually average from 4.0 to 6.5 MPH at a distance of 5+ miles. Dirt bike trails are preferred for longer, more frequent rides. Asphalt is suitable for shorter, less frequent rides.

Since the dog is attached to the bicycle you should be permitted on most bike trails and in parks that allow leashed pets. Great for teaching dogs to pace themselves for long runs.  We use a product called a Spinger.  It safely attached the dog to the bike, away from the wheels, and uses a very heavy duty spring to relieve the shocks of starts and stops.



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