Age Appropriate


These Interactive Dog Activities are great for dogs at all ages, but with some consideration.  It is always a good practice to consult your veterinarian before involving your dog in any physical activity. A check up may be in order, good advise is always appropriate from a trained animal health specialist. Puppies and dogs under 2 years are usually still growing. This means their growth plates are not touching.  Physically demanding activities like pulling could inhibit proper growth and development. Your veterinarian may be able to do an X-ray to see if they are finished growing. I try to wait until they are 2 years old before I introduce them to any real pulling exercises. This doesn’t mean you can’t exercise them. Exercise is necessary. like some running and good walks, just not to physically demanding.

Older dogs obviously are another concern. Again your veterinarian is a good place to ask for his or her opinion. I try to keep my older dogs as active as they can be.  I don’t want them to be sedentary. I certainly avoid over doing it, but I want them to maintain their level of fitness. If I work them with the younger dogs, then I always have a way of putting them in a bike I may be riding– I have a place I can safely secure them to so they can sit or lay down and be with us but not physically working. If I am on a walk and my older dog gets tired, I will cut the walk short. It is important for dogs not to over do it. They have a high pain tolerance and are very loyal, so they push themselves. I am very cognoscente of my dogs emotions and their health is always my first concern.

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